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Wabiz Live

Wabiz provides answers to the security of mobile devices on platforms such as iOS and Android. Wabiz encrypts emails, SMS and notes. The application stores your passwords in a Encrypted Secret Wallet in order to protect it. This is a true digital safe only accessible with the secret code of the user.

Encrypt SMS and emails

Les échanges de SMS et d'emails sont sécurisés

Exchange encrypted messages

Wabiz encrypts messages from your mobile device to the one of the message recipient. Emails, iMessages and short messages are encrypted using a shared password with the message recipient(s).

Store confidential notes

You can also backup your confidential notes securely. Wabiz encrypts any text you want (notes, Credit Card numbers, etc.), which you can then store encrypted on your device using other apps (Mail, Notes, etc.). Just click on the note to launch the decryption and to read it after giving the password.

Confidential cercle

To send/receive encrypted messages, Wabiz is based on the concept of dialog circle between trusted persons.
A circle is used to define a secure exchange environment to which only trusted persons have access.

Wabiz is available for iOS on iPhone and iPad.

Store all your passwords in the same place

A Secret Wallet is also built in Wabiz to store and protect all your passwords (mail accounts, bank websites, web access, etc.).
Nowaday we all have to remember loads of passwords. This is not easy especially when we want them strong with many letters, numbers and special characters.

Only one password to remember

With the Secret Wallet you won’t have to remember them any more. They will all be stored securely in the same place and you will be able to access them anytime you want using your personal access which is the only password you have to remember. So do not hesitate to use a very hard password with high security level.

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