Frequently Asked Question about Wabiz

We list above the main questions asked about using the application Wabiz. In case you did find what you have search for, please fell free to contact us or take a tour on the Blog of Wabiz: you will find in it our last tips, videos or explanations.
User Guide and other documentations are available in this page too.

1. Why I need to use Wabiz?
You need to protect your text message on your mobile against prying eyes ? You need to be sure that nobody except you could read your messages on your device ? You surely need Wabiz!
Wabiz encrypts your short messages, your emails and all sort of texts use on smartphone. Wabiz also offers the ability to store all your passwords in one place and not worry about retaining them all.
Just set and remember a password for Wabiz (a personal access code) to access all your passwords and encryption capabilities.
2. How to encrypt messages with the application Wabiz ?
Texts and messages encryption is so simple with Wabiz:

  • type your text in the application
  • slide the “Key” button to encrypt.
  • choose the recipient.
  • the message is encrypted and ready to go in ONE click
  • your message is sent!
3. What is a communication circle?
Wabiz is based on the concept of Circle. A circle define a set of recipient to whom the message can be sent.
For instane, create a circle  for your spouse, for family and colleagues for a third. A message encrypted with the family circle can only be read by members of this circle. A circle can relate to a person or several dozen. Create your circle and give the password of each circle to members of these circles.
The best way to transmit a secret is to do orally or by telephone.
4. What is a short-cut in Wabiz and how to use it?
A Wabiz shortcut can be used to define the encryption preferences in order to accelerate the message encryption process. You can pre-define uses by creating shortcuts that combine encryption circle and means of communication (text message, email, iMessages, text, etc..). For example, you define a shortcut “SMS Colleagues” who uses the circle Colleagues to encrypt the message and prepares text messages to be sent to mobile numbers of the colleagues.
5. Wabiz protect passwords in a Secret Wallet?
Each of us is connected to a growing number of site, forums, social networks, etc. Its help us manage our bills, talk to our friends, take news from family, talk, chat, share, but they also contain many personal details that we want (need) to control.
The security of this data involves choosing a strong password that contains numbers, lowercase, special characters, etc. Be sure that choose the dog’s name or the birthday of the youngest is not the best way to ensure security of our personal data. Efficients password are difficult to remember since they are complicated.
Wabiz Secret Wallet will save us!
Just remember one password to access the application wabiz and the secure wallet that contains all your passwords. Thus they remain handy when you surf and you need to log in.
6. A free version of Wabiz is available. What are the main difference with the full version?
Wabiz is a security application developed and marketed by Prim’X, a Security Sofware Editor. The encryption expert offers both a pay version of Wabiz and a free version.
Wabiz Lite is limited to 2 encodings and 10 decodings within each 24-hour period. You can configure only one circle and one shortcut. Meanwhile, the Secret Wallet can be used to securely remember up to 10 passwords. The Full version of Wabiz is available for purchase at the stores without any restrictions on use.
7. Are my smartphone or my tablet compatible with Wabiz ?
Wabiz is available for Android 2.1 and earlier (smartphone or tablet) and also for Apple iPads et iPhones (iOS 4.0 and earlier).
8. Why Wabiz need to have access to the microphone ?
The microphone and other physical sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, …) are used to supply the high-entropy randomness generator.